Hello lovelies! So, this is my first ever TRUE blog post! But, remember the Myspace days where you were able to post blogs there too? Oh well, back to the main subject. MY FIRST BLOG POST!

I’m completely new to posting anything like this. I usually post most of my thoughts on Instagram. If you stop by there, you would tell that I’m kind of a nerd at times. I like to paint and draw, I post mostly of my son and husband, there are occasional selfies and I like to post some inspirational quotes when I fell a little down just to cheer myself up.

What my overall goal for this blogĀ is to be open with myself, maybe gain a little bit of confidence in the process. One thing about me is that I’m extremely shy. I’m such an introvert that the shell that I hide in, is inside 100 other shells. I’m hoping to break that though. Also, there is a ton of stuff that I want to say about my life. My ups and downs. My accomplishments and failures. Like for instance, I forgot my car keys in my husband’s glove box and I had a ton of errands to do today (why brain, why).

Blogging is something that I also want to stick with for a little while. Don’t know how long (I’m super forgetful) but long enough where I feel satisfied in getting to know people from all over this beautiful planet.

Thanks for reading thus far! See you in the next blog!





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