Hello! Recently after my first blog post, one of my cousins had a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Sophia Annalee and she has the cutest cheeks I’ve seen to date lol. It seems to be baby fever within my family because in the past year there have been 3 other little babies born. I have a 3 year old son myself and it does make me want to grow my family, but there are so many changes that are happening right now.

Well, first things first. Not too long ago (the end of January to be exact), I quit my job at a health insurance company that I worked at for the past 3 years. The atmosphere there was awesome; I could not say a bad thing about the company and the job itself. It was mostly data entry so things were easy. The building itself however was a different story, but it’s not the reason why I left. I left because I needed a change of atmosphere and I wanted to go back to school to finally start my career. I’m going back for drafting and design, and I’m hoping to graduate with a degree in architecture.

Jobs have been a different story though. There has been one job that has taken almost 5 months to process. Talk about taking forever! It’s a city job so I kind of understand where they’re coming from (background checks and making sure you’re not a criminal I’m assuming). I applied in early November and I just had an interview yesterday (Friday morning). I’ve been so nervous with this job that when I was still working at my last job, I was getting in trouble with my boss because of my numbers. I guess the changed scared me so much that I wasn’t paying attention to how bad my work being affected. Whether or not I do get this job or not, I’m still going to keep looking for a part time job just so I can go back to school.

With all the changes, my biggest concerns are my baby and hubby. I’m scared of the financial stress I might cause. Thankfully I have enough money saved up for now, but looking for a job is top priority. I want to set the example for my baby that hard work (and even some failures) pay off in the long run. I also have the best hubby that I could ever ask for. He’s my biggest support is primarily the reason why I’m making all these changes. Before meeting him, I really had no direction in what I wanted to do with my life. We’ve been together for 4 years and married for 2. It has taken me a while for me to get the ball rolling but only because I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do; even after I met my husband. While I was working, I only wanted to support my family and not really take into consideration what I wanted to do in the long run. With losing my job, it all hit me at once. I finally know the direction that I want to go in and if it means losing one job or several, so be it. Things happen the way they need to happen and I honestly couldn’t be more happy than where I’m at right now.

Here’s to finding my path in life! Even if I’m kind of old (I’m 27 lol) , it doesn’t bother me so much like it would have 5 years ago. Change needs to happen in my life and I’m taking it all as a sign that great things will come.

Thank so much for reading! Talk to you next time!


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