I’m back searching for a new job again. Recently I got hired at a retail department store and I was really excited. I thought I was going to be great and give great customer service. Well, my first day, went well (I thought). That feeling quickly got crushed the second I stepped into the manager’s office and started talking. The manager ask me how I thought my day went and I let her know that everything went fine and I liked having the job. It wasn’t until she was telling that she was not happy with my performance for the day that I felt defeated.

When I arrived at work for my first day, I was introduced to a few people and was sent to shadow one of the girls (lets name her Eve) until she left for the day. Basically, I watched what everyone was doing and tried to absorb as much as possible. Following co-workers around like a puppy, it honestly made me feel awkward. Also because I realized I was one of the older ones working there, most of which are kids in college. As time was passing by, Eve had run into another girl that worked there (lets call her Krystal) but was shopping around the mall. They were discussing how they hated the job to begin with. While the conversation was going on, there was literally nothing to do around me. Plus, I don’t know where everything goes or how things go so I’m entirely lost. All while this is happening, our manager walks up to us and tells Eve to get back to work and to get those credit applications up (there needs to be at least five customers applying for a new credit card everyday) so she sends us a credit card table in the front entrance of the store. Still with nothing to organize or customers to even talk to, we continue to talk to Krystal. Looking back, I did feel that the manager was watching us the whole time but what am I supposed to do not knowing anything.

The day continues and Eve leaves for the day and I end up working with this pretty chill guy (lets call him Mike). Mike taught me a ton more things with the register and where lost items go and such. The rest of my day passed by with no hick-ups, except that customers were coming in like crazy.

The end of my shift is near and I’m called to the office so I could finish up my log in. So then my manager ask how I felt everything went and I tell her that I did like the job but that I’m lost and I’m still learning. After I finish, she proceeds to tell me that she’s not happy with my performance. In my head I’m thinking, well this is my first day and what does she really expect for me to be doing? She continues by telling me that I was just standing around and talking the whole time and not doing anything. Still in my head, well duh I’m not doing anything because I have no clue what the f*ck I’m doing to begin with! She kind of wanted to blame Krystal for talking to Eve, and I had the slightest feeling that she thought I knew them personally but I don’t want to assume. She did assume though. She started talking about how when she was on the sales floor she would finger measure racks and color block and size block all the racks and shelves, etc. First of all, I’ve never worked at a clothing retail store and my resume showed that. I’ve worked at a shoe store, but a long ass time ago so I didn’t even put that on my resume. How does she truly expect me to know the tiniest details such as those? All while she kept talking to me and reprimanding me, I just nodded my head and agreed with her comments.

I finished up my log in information with another HR manager thankfully, but to be honest I left there feeling the lowest I have in a long time. I might just be too sensitive or I completely missed something but it truly made me feel like crap. Is this what working in retail is like? I pray to God not. Am I going to encounter people like that manager? That answer is yes. Am I just too sensitive? At this point in my life, I know I don’t want to treat people like she does on a daily basis. I treat people with a benefit of a doubt and give people a chance. She didn’t with me and that’s what really brought me down. I know I’m sensitive and I cry with every single Disney movie in existence, but I also know that I don’t want to be treated like that ever again. I’m an adult and I should be treated as such, not like a five year old. I wasn’t given the chance to perform my duties after a proper training. That in itself makes me really upset.

I was supposed to go into work today, but I’m not going back to a place where they judge so quickly for only the first day. Call it being a baby or immature, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m never again applying for a retail job that treats me like crap. No wonder everyone has been quitting there left and right.

Also, I apologize for being so repetitive sometimes. I’m learning not to do so! Not being in school for so long has left my brain a little dead. Looking to change that! Thanks again for reading if you made it this far from my rambling. Have an awesome day!


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