Hello awesome people! It’s been a while. I haven’t been much around here only because I’ve been finding my thoughts and they’re just scattered. I honestly haven’t been focused at all lately. So many thoughts have been floating around my head lately.

I am still working at Kohl’s thankfully and I love it thus far. Everything is running smoothly like I had hoped. Working in retail (if you have never worked in it personally) could be really easy or could ruin your day for the rest of your life! (Exaggeration ensues). I personally think it’s an easy job for now.

In other great news, my son turned four this past week! You know how some memories you can’t recall but others you remember vividly? His birth was one of the more vivid, if not THE most vivid memory I have. And yes I’m going to tell you the story so sit tight!

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve had little complications other than being super emotional and dizzy here and there. The original date for my son to be born was July 14th. All my doctor’s appointments were going great, although, early on I was scared that the doctor couldn’t hear his heart but that was about eight to ten weeks into my pregnancy. He started growing normal after that and I knew he was healthy just by what my doctor would tell me. Everything was going great on my last appointment at the doctor’s, they told me that I was due for another ultrasound and to go over to their office after the appointment. My plans that day were to go to the doctor, get an ultrasound and then the hospital so I could book my birthing room (and I think to get groceries too). Luckily, everything was close by so I didn’t have to wear myself out in the summer heat.

I go to the ultrasound place, and what’s cool about that place is that they give you a DVD of your little bundle of joy swimming around so you could enjoy it for years to come. They didn’t do that at my other doctor’s so that’s one of the reasons why they sent me. But in all honesty, I can’t remember exactly why they sent me to that ultrasound place for. Oh well. I had just finished my appointment with the ultrasound when I get a call from my doctor asking when my due date was. I told them July 14th but I didn’t feel that my baby was going to make it for that much longer so they asked me to come back to their office. The doctor ended up checking me for the second time that day and she so simply told me to wait for her at the hospital and that my baby was ready to come out. In my disbelief, I had to ask her several times if she was sure she needed me to go to the hospital. She finally reassured me (for the fourth or fifth time that I asked) that my son was ready.

I called my husband, who was still my fiancé at the time, to come over immediately. I told him to come to the hospital and that we could have a baby in our arms really soon. I don’t think he’s hauled so much ass to a single place in his life, he got to the hospital so quick. When I told my parents, they were practically the first ones at the hospital (second only behind me, I beat them to it).

While at the hospital, I had to be induced only because he was low on fluids and he needed to come out fast. Contractions hurt. PERIOD. Worse than any period pain I have ever felt in my life. I have a new found appreciation for mother’s that give birth naturally. I couldn’t take the contractions anymore so I opted for an epidural in the middle of the night. You have no idea how much of a life saver that was for me. I finally got to relax a little bit with every contraction giving me more sickness and making me throw up what little I had in my body. They did put me on another medication for the dizziness but it made it worse. Never again.

So, I went into the hospital around 5pm and my son was born 9am the next morning. Not too bad of a labor considering I’ve heard that some women could last 24 hours or more. Ouch much? And my poor hubby had to endure everything with me. He had to sleep on the couch that they had there even though I offered him to sleep next to me. He told me that when our baby was coming out, all he could see was a round fuzzy head. He also told me that when the placenta came out after our baby, that it looked like a human heart. I guess they look like deflated balloon, full of veins and some fluid (eww). Isaiah was born on June 29th at 9:48 am, weighing 5lbs and 11ounces. I completely broke down when I heard him cry for the first time, I couldn’t be happier that this little human being came into our lives. The rest is history.

Now he’s a four year old that I can’t catch up with! I need to work out some more just to be on his level. Also, for his birthday we had a Super Mario themed party!

You know, telling that story makes me feel a lot happier than when I started typing this post. I’ll keep that happiness up for the rest of the day, or at least try to.

Also, the countdown for my cousin’s wedding in California is on! It’s on August 20th and we’ve sent our RSVP’s out already. My mom keeps buying me dresses so I could wear to the wedding but I bought one I really liked. Who knows, maybe I’ll wear 2 dresses that day just to be comfy. More on that later.

Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far! Till next time!



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